About Us


I have always been very interested in beauty and cosmetics. My enthusiasm kept growing as the years went on. When I turned 15 my mother enrolled me in a professional make up academy. Throughout my studies, I realized that eyebrows played a very important role in framing the face. After getting my associates in Business Administration, I knew I had to follow my heart and fulfill my passion.


Since then I have learned so much in skin care. From perfecting makeup techniques, eyebrow threading and lash extensions. Since 2008 I have worked for Benefit Cosmetics and gained experience in people's eyebrows. As time passed it made me realize I love everything that has to do with eyebrows. From tweezing, waxing, threading, shaping, framing, to filling them in with make up is my thing!


My main goal has always been to make beautifully groomed full eyebrows to custom fit any face. Working in the beauty industry has brought many advantages to me, which have led me to create and specialize a line for eyebrow products. Having worked with different brands of brow makeup, I was never fully satisfied with the results.


I always thought of what was missing from the product that would make it perfect. That is when Browlash was born. A brand that would tailor to enhancing eyebrows in a way that looked seamlessly natural. My products are not only easy to use, they are long lasting, paraben free, allergy tested, clinically tested and most importantly they are suitable for any skin color and brow color so that anyone can use it!

Ana Botero